Formatting in CMS blog post

In a specific blog post, I want to center-align a paragraph. It looks like that can only be done on static webpages though, since the only formatting options within a blog post are header tags, links, blockquotes, and basic HTML attributes. Is there any way to go into a blog post and center-align some of the content?

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Go to a static page, (I have one just for assets and elements) and insert a Rich Text element. You can then select the individual paragraph tag, and make sure you are styling only those paragraphs (or other elements) within the Rich Text element. Then you can add that Rich Text class to the element on your CMS template page. Hope that makes sense, I’m just starting my morning coffee :wink:

Thank you, but that’s not quite what I’m looking for. I don’t need to update every blog (the template) with this element. Just one blog post.

What about adding a second Rich Text Field in the CMS collection, and then make set the conditional visibility? That way it only displays the field (that has the custom CSS class) if it there is text in in the collection field.

That sounds overly complicated. I have two paragraphs and want to insert a sentence between them that’s linked and center that one sentence.

Have you tried changing the Inline formatting to align to Center?