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How do you mange your clients' 3rd party accounts?

I was reading the webflow freelancing ebook and on chapter 5 the author talks about setting up some basic accounts for the client:

Get your client off on the right track by signing up for the 3rd-party accounts they’ll need before launching the website. The first one I nail down is email, since most (if not all) of the other accounts will require an email to register.

I strongly recommend not using the email provided by your registrar, but instead encouraging your client to suck it up and pay for the premium Google Apps account (which includes Gmail, Drive, and Google Apps for Business).

Other accounts to set up may include:

  • Google Analytics
  • A/B testing software (like Optimizely)
  • Email marketing tools (like MailChimp)
  • CRM

I don’t really understand logistics of this…

Do you create a GSuite account for them and then ask them to change the password?
Do you give them instructions and just guide them through the process?

What is your workflow when it comes to setting up 3rd party accounts for clients?

Hi there,

I primarily focus on website design in Wefblow, however do occasionally setup GSuite/Gmail services for clients as it’s what I use and recommend.

What you’ve outlined is correct however, particularly work in the not-for-profit/charity sector I’d be there with them to create the GSuite account and setup, then hand over to them to create their own password.

Not sure if this helps