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Setting up clients website for SEO


I was just wondering how do you guys setup your clients websites for SEO with google account? Do you add the website to your own google account? or do you tell your client to create their own google account to manage?

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There are several accounts you’d use or could use for this. Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager (GTA) (optional) and Google AdWords (just for the free keyword tools, you don’t need to create any paid campaigns to use it) If your client already has a main google account, have them create the accounts in the various tools you wish to use and give you admin access. If they don’t have a gmail account, you can make them one and just name it: comapnynameSEO@gmail.com to keep regular email from SEO email. (Most businesses should have an email connected to their web domain ex: Bob.H@apple.com, so the gmail email may not be an issue) Once you’re added as admin on the accounts, you can start to go to work on setting them up by going to work on under your own account views in each tool.



Thanks I shall take a look into those.

Interesting, I thought you had to pay for google adwards.

adwords is free. You have to pay to run campaigns… but it’s free to setup and “look”.

We rarely run campaigns… as our focus is quality content - not paid placement.

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