How do i work with clients

I am relatively new to this and was wandering what exactly is the best way to build a website for a client from my own computer. i heard that it was possible just to get a client to sign up for webflow then you just build a website from their account. would this still be best practice?
Many thanks.

I do most of the work within my own account until the client is ready to go live. I then make a copy of the site within my dashboard as a personal backup version. I then transfer the site to the client’s account and continue launch from there.

You can also do everything from your own account but the client will need to pay you for the hosting. Not my preferred method but some people do it this way. I think I have two or three clients doing it this way.

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Adding to Port’s notes-

On the free starter Workspace, with a free unhosted starter Site, you’re very limited in what you can build. Only 2 static pages, for example.

So someone at some point will have to pay in order for you do do the complete site build properly. There are two popular approaches;

  • If you’re building multiple sites as a freelance designer, get your own Freelancer workspace plan, and you can build freely. Then you can choose how to host the site, and whether to transfer it to a client’s workspace later ( free starter workspace, paid site hosting plan ).

  • If this is a one-off project, and you’re OK giving the client full control, You could have them setup a workspace now and give you their login. That probably means email+password, not Google Auth, so that can have a shareable pwd. Then as soon as you hit those designer limits of the starter plan, have them add Hosting to the site ( still free workspace plan ). You’ll be able to finish all of the development and release it live from their workspace.

Hello Micheal,
Thank you very much for the help. I was thinking about just doing a homepage designs on the starter website as i doesn’t require many static pages and it is easier for me as a beginner. In this case, could i still make a shareable account on the starter plan or do you have a better alternative. Would you also recommend i start creating designs for free to gain reviews, as i think this could be a good strategy to help me create some homepages for clients.
Many thanks.

I don’t know what you mean by “shareable.”
You can publish your sites to a address and others can see them.

Do you mean reviews as a designer? The only real way you’d do that is to build sites, publish them, and get customer reviews on your work.

I can’t answer as to whether the limitation of 2 static pages and 2 unhosted sites is enough for you to achieve your goals, that’s really up to you.

How would you recommend getting client reviews, could i do that through this forum or do you mean building a homepage for a client and getting their opinion?
As for operating on 2 static pages, if i was to only design homepages for clients would the starter plan cover what i need in order to build, share and publish homepages with/for clients.
Many thanks.

I’ve a rather intriguing question about building websites for clients. One user inquired about the best practice for building a website for a client directly from their own computer. While they’ve heard suggestions about having the client sign up for Webflow and then building the website within their account, they’re unsure if this is the optimal approach.

I think the scenario you’re referring to is account sharing? I.e. customer creates a workspace, and then gives their login to the designer?

That’s not optimal. Practically, only one of you can be logged in at a time, so if someone else logs in you get kicked out. There may be ToS legal issues as well.