How to use Webflow in an agency?


I’m currently exploring Webflow for our agency and I’m seeking insights to determine if it’s the right tool for us.

Currently, we rely on Wordpress for our clients; however, managing and maintaining it has become increasingly challenging. While Wordpress provides us with full control over user permissions in the backend of the site, the overall management is becoming overwhelming.

My question pertains to Webflow: What are the access options available to clients once we’ve published their website? Specifically, if a client wishes to manage content updates exclusively, can I restrict their access to only the page content without risking alterations to the design?

Thank you.


This is a honest question from someone that doesn’t know webflow. Any insights?

@oldcastle - Most companies are transferring the project to the client and then requesting to be added back as a editor. If the company breaks the site then you bill to fix or walk away. We used to be able to keep projects in our workspace and handle the billing on a project by project basis with the customers card on file for a profit. Webflow ended the program.

I ended up migrating most of my clients to WordPress and built a managed WordPress hosting infrastructure and management platform. I am very happy with how things are and have room to add more projects into the mix. If you decide to stay on WordPress feel free to DM me. I could take over your burden to free you up for more clients. Everything I built is enterprise grade and that is my background.