How do we SEO for Voice Search?

My search results for integrating Voice Search capability into one’s website keep bringing up things I am not looking for.

Results often talk to the reader (or viewer) as if they’ve just stepped through a time porthole and haven’t seen a computer in the last century or two.

I keep getting results such as:

  • How wonderful Voice Search is.
  • The benefits of Voice Search.
  • Imagine a struggle when your hands are full, now you get to use your voice to search.
  • How to optimize your site with long-tail keywords.
  • Long-tail keywords are important because this is conversational.
  • How much Voice Search will increase your traffic.
  • And the degrading list goes on and on and on.

I have yet to discover a single paragraph of information explaining how to incorporate Voice Search into your site, or if Voice Search is not something that you plug in, but just something you write content and optimize for.

Also, I have not found information on whether or not the way we name our elements affects Voice Search.

Thanks to whoever takes the time to answer this.

Hi Timothy, what are the details of your use case?

Are you trying to do speech-to-text and trigger a site search?
Or are you trying to filter a collection list like a product database?
Are you needing the results to come back as text-to-speech?

Is the reason for doing this simply a “cool” factor, or are you trying to improve accessibility?

These details matter but once you know the details of what you’re needing to achieve, you can begin looking for the right services and tools to implement that.

I wouldn’t be surprised if you can find a javascript-based plug-in that offers a button, requests microphone access, captures a voice segment and then returns text from an API. That would give you the text needed for site search or filtering, but even if you find the perfect tool you’d need a bit of script to apply the result.

Returning the results as speech is another matter. For accessibility that’s the job a screen reader and good a11y work on your site.

If you’re looking to do something far more cool, I’d probably look in the direction of GPT, langchain, pinecone, Murf, a speech-to-text solution ( here’s Google’s ), and some scripts that will scan and vectorize your site every time it’s republished. However that’s a major project, and I’ve not seen anything fast enough to be useful. If you’re interested in this watch the developments in gaming with AI NPCs, which have a similar pipeline;

human voice → text → GPT → text → AI voice

Hi Michael. Thanks once again for the reply. I may be asking my question incorrectly which is a testament to how little I understand about the topic.

I’ve heard some people talk about how important it is to register your site for voice search. Not adding a microphone widget to one’s site, but more for regular search engine features such as: “Hey Google”, Hey Seri", & “Alexa, find/play (fill in the blank)”.

Again, I may be wording my question wrong. I’m just wondering if voice search for regular search engine searches is something that we are responsible for plugging in, turning on, registering for, etc., or if Google, Alexa, & Seri are already able to find my site using voice search. I never use voice search so not sure if I’m supposed to do something or not.

I know that sounds lame, but I’m still on the lower end of web development skills.


Aaaah, yes your question sent me in a very different direction.
I’ve fixed your post title and category to match.

In general, I don’t think I’d worry about this. In terms of your SEO investment, focus it 99% on general search engines, which will at least partially cover voice-based search as well.

But, I did a bit of looking into this and wrote up some notes here;

Yes! Finally!!! Thank you for that. That is exactly the information I’ve been looking for.

One question before I jump off here: In, when creating a from, I was able to automatically populate CMS data into an input filed that was non-editable, so that when a form was submitted, that username would push the submitted content into that user’s profile.

Do we have the same ability in Webflow? I feel this will be a combination of Gated content & Workflows, but just wondering if I need to be looking for additional javascript or if Webflow can handle this.

I am just about to embark on this portion of my site and hope to start off in the right direction as much as possible.

Once again, thank you so much for your time, I cannot express how grateful I am to you!

Your second question is entirely unrelated, so you should start that as a new thread to get useful discussion responses from the community. Make sure to detail what you’re using for user logins & profiles.

Good point. I’m a bit new to forums in general. Thanks!