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Search with results linking to other platform

chrome-capture (2) Hello, I’ve been using Webflow for almost a year now and really like it (although I do notice a bit of a backlash from the community recently…).

I have built a backend system in, which does lots of user / data management, workflows and email sending etc (i.e. things not possible in Webflow). However, Bubble is dire for SEO as it is java-based and the responsive engine is terrible so not great for homepage design.

I have an autofilling search bar on the homepage that then sends the user to a dynamic page based on the category they have selected (see GIF below).

Is there a way in Webflow to have a search bar (with category suggestions) to my Bubble site on a subdomain? If not possible to integrate the data, is there a way to send users to the page (perhaps even by hard coding the dynamic links?) Assuming I need a plugin, which do you recommend?

Any help much appreciated :slight_smile:

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Hey Simon!

One approach that comes to mind, is the cloneable below that uses Jetboost’s search feature with a collection in Webflow to create a type ahead style search experience:

Based on my understanding of your question, you could create a collection in your Webflow marketing site, where each item corresponds to your categories in Bubble that you are wanting users to search and select. There could then be a custom link field within this new collection, and each item could contain the direct link to the corresponding Bubble page, so when users click the items that is searched in Webflow it jumps them over to the Bubble page?

Thanks so much for taking the time to respond. Looks like a great suggestion - will check it out and report back :+1:t2: