How do I rezise and position elements in Webflow

I create a new container/section/button/text etc anything and I can’t resize the box. and I can’t move it up or down. How can I create a website if I can’t adjust the items on the page???

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I would suggest starting here to learn the basics of Webflow.

I have reviewed them and it looks like they can drag and move items, but they go so fast I can’t tell what I am doing wrong

You might find a full website example more useful.

You need to add structural elements, sections, container, columns, divs ect, and add classes to them to apply styles to the elements.

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I have a new page I created a section, but when I select the section to move it or resize it, the body is highlighted and nothing happens.

What should be the outmost object that would allow the objects inside of it to move around?

Hey @jmedenblik

Are you trying to drag to move objects?


@jmedenblik can you share a preview link so we can take a closer look at the issue?

yes, I tried to drag to move the objects

Thought so Webflow is not a drag and move design tool you have to move objects by styling them i would suggest you go through the tutorials again to gain a better understanding :smile:


If you want to build a website with Webflow then you need to have a basic understanding of how html & css work, no way around it. The video tutorials give you very, very basic information & it is enough to get you started in the right direction. This platform isn’t Adobe Muse, Wix, Weebly, etc. Maybe one of those would be better suited for your project if you are not interested in investing the time into understanding how a proper website is built.

Webflow allows you to create real deal responsive/compliant websites through the use of html/css/jquery in the same manner as an “experienced” developer would do. Rather than hand coding in a text editor, you have a GUI in which you drag/drop/manipulate the properties & values to build your website.

  1. Go review the tutorials again, if it isn’t sticking then I would suggest “studying” them.
  2. There are literally a billion places online to learn about basic html/css… Treehouse & CodeAcademy are very good resources.
  3. - This site does a great job of breaking down basic CSS layout.

I have been a programmer for years, I understand the html/css/java etc. I just didn’t understand what the tool was expecting of me.

Sweet, you should be good to go with the video tutorials then :wink:

Hey just a heads up I re-named your post to be more descriptive of your question. It helps the community to find questions and provide answers.

Have you made any progress in learning the fundementals?

thanks for changing it.

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