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Can't Drag to reposition

Ok, I went through the whole webflow 101 tutorial and some of the stuff he was doing i can’t do on my site… namely dragging to resize and re-position containers and other elements of my site… I want to move Section 2 so that it is the left margin for the whole page and it’s not wanting to do that for me. (i know this might not be the best layout for responsiveness IE. on phone view but i’m going to deal with that later. Right now i’m focusing on the desktop site and really just playing with the designer…

Also… is there a way for me to change the margins from auto?

Tia for any help.

Here is my site Read-Only:
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So you want the Section 2 as a menu?

If not… give it a minimum size, and Position: Fixed - choose the “co-ordinates” that put the Section 2 where you want it

Or if you are feeling brave… try grid… but remember grid doesn’t work for IE or mobile…

I’m not familiar with dragging to resize elements on the canvas. If you’re in the design-panel however, you can hold alt and drag on your values to adjust in a slider fashion.

Also it’s easy to change your margins in the design panel as well. Clicking on the unit next to the value will reveal the different available options for measurement.

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Yes but when I go to do that with my containers everything is set and locked to auto, creating a TON of whitespace. Please Help.

Ahh, you’re using Containers, which come with preset marginal values. Try switching those with Div’s, that should fix your problem.