Client Billing Migration

Hi Folks, late to the party. The time has come to have the awkward conversation with my clients and tell them that I need to retake the payment for their hosting or move their website to their own Webflow account. Trying to weigh up my options…

Option 1 moving clients to their own Webflow account.
My client sites have a lot of custom code, migrating clients to their own Webflow account will mean the client pays for a Webflow account subscription + hosting practically doubling their annual fee… hard sell eh.

Option 2 set up a recurring paying in bonsai
Correct me if I wrong but this essentially means we take the hosting payment and then invoice the client directly, exactly how hosting was paid in the pre client billing days? Or is there a way this is automated between Bonsai and Webflow?

I don’t mind invoicing new clients, but others have paid for hosting a few months back and now I have to ask them for another payment… makes me look super unprofessional.

Webflow was built with the support of freelancers, and this feels like a kick in the balls really!

How are other freelancers handling this?

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Manually, and nope there is not any integration between them. I recently migrated some clients and use my own billing system. The issue I faced is I can’t control the anniversary date in Webflow. Pisses clients off. So for the ones that were pissed, I built off webflow and handle it all myself; servers, dns, mail services, hosting, etc. Not an issue for me as I am a web and systems dev.

Being forced to do this has left a really bad taste in my mouth. Get a couple of hundred million in VC money and …

Clients are happy though as their sites are now scoring 95-100 on mobile in page speed dev and PPC is way easier.