Client billing setup

I can’t figure out client billing. I have a “Freelancer” workspace and I built a site that I want to add a custom domain to. When I click “Plans and Billing” I don’t see any option about client billing. If I select a Basic plan, it wants to charge my credit card on file but not any client billing option.

Also, the University lesson about Client Billing is a broken link: Learn web design with free video courses and tutorials | Webflow University

Client billing is no longer offered as it was canceled.

Hi Rachel, as Jeff says, client billing is no longer a Webflow feature.
You have two options-

  • Pay for their hosting monthly, and bill them. Webflow recommended transitioning to Bonsai as a billing platform, and it mostly works with a few issues.
  • Build the site, then have them setup their own Starter [free] Workspace. Migrate the site to their workspace. Setup hosting their, on their own CC.

Jeff and Michael donate a TON of their valuable time to genuinely help others, and I’m happy they are here.

Thank you Jeff and Michael. It sounds like paying myself and billing them is best for me because I don’t want to worry about my client messing something up with the workspace. Also, I worry about doing future revisions to the site if it is no longer in my Workspace.

There’s also the added value of managing their work for them, along with extra service billing when taking on those responsibilities yourself.