How do I custom sort dynamic data categories?

Hi there,
I’m trying to sort categories that I created using the dynamic data panel. I see the ‘Sort Order’ tab in the settings when I click on the individual categories but I don’t see a way to sort them as I like. The sort order seems restricted to 'Name, Created On, Updated On and so on. Read only link below along with a screenshot. Thanks in advance for your help!

Read only link:


@venitasub Have you tried this feature to customize the sortable columns?

Hello! I tried that feature and see that I can re-order categories alphabetically, by date posted and when they were created. Can I custom re-order them? I’d like to order the categories based on what I think would be a useful arrangement to the users.

Oh, I see - In that case you’d need to create a new Number field in your collection, and then manually assign a value for each item depending on the order that you want. You can then sort your lists based on that field using the list sorting feature:

It can be a bit of a chore to enter those values, but this way gives you ultimate flexibility to create really custom sorts. For example, sometimes you might want to create multiple sort fields (e.g. Popularity, Rating, etc) and display items in different sorts on different pages. Does that make sense?


I will give that a shot :slight_smile: I just need to figure out how to create a number field in my categories collections but will reach out if I run into any trouble. Thanks so much!

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