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Sorting using categories

I am having trouble sorting the tools and resources. As far as I can see, I have applied the same settings that I used to sort the blogs via the category menu on the blog page - (which works) but it is not working for “Tools and resources” which you can navigate to under Services in the main menu…


Hi @StephBCVFS, thanks for the question. I took a quick peek at the site, and on the Tools and Resources page, there is a dynamic list, but there is no sorting applied.

Does this help? If not, could you please post some screenshots to show the issue? Thanks in advance.

Hi I have set the filters to “resource is set” but its still not filtering?

Try changing the filter to equals, you will then be given a dropdown menu displaying your categories (see attached image).

yeah but im not trying to filter to one category only, its a category menu, so when people click on a category it needs to filter that category . thanks

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