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Custom Order in Collections

Our team has been using Webflow for months and have been thoroughly impressed with the platform. That said – it is March 2018 and we still cannot custom order Collections without complicated workarounds that client Collaborators will not want to work with.

I just had a Webflow training session with a client yesterday when we did a website handoff to their team. They were asking if we could convert their Staff listings page over to Collections for easier updating, and how to re-order their blog page. I let them know we could do that by setting the date of the posts to the right order, since custom sorting still doesn’t exist. Then while trying to set that up, I realized we can’t sort by the inputted date field in Collections either.

Is this capability on the way and if so – do we have a timeline for when you can re-order items within Collections?

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Hi @Gitwit

I’ve used a simple system for some products in an online store of adding a # number field to the collection - and then in collection list settings on the page - adding a sort order of ‘smallest to largest’.

That means at any point the client can re-order items by changing the number. Items with a number appear first in the list, items without a number appear after in the default way…

Sounds like it could work for you?

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