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Creating a Blog category filter the easy way?

Hi all,

How do you create a blog with a category filter as a side menu quickest possible way? So far, I found out how to do this by creating separate pages for each blog category and filtering only those blog categories to appear in those blog page category. Is there an easier way to do this without having to manually create each new category page and setting up filters? Wordpress got this one fast and easy. Maybe there is a process I don’t know about.

Thank you,


Hi @Lucius_Blackheart

You can have a categories collection and set a reference field in your blog posts collection. That way you will have 1 dynamic page for your categories as well as one dynamic page for your posts.

You can style the categories page so you have a list of all the posts within this category.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


Thanks I figured it out also! Kinda confusing at first but it’s working now. Thanks for the instructions will review this too.


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