How can I share a link to a draft page?

I am working on a page. I don’t want to publish it, but I want to share it with others for feedback. How can I do this?

If it’s a live site, you can publish only to the staging site and share that.

Thank you for the suggestion - however the next time I publish the production site the page will still be published. I don’t want to block other team members from publishing their changes to production while I share my work in progress page.

Does that make sense?

Two options-

  1. Stick them in a folder, which is password-protected. Share the link, and the password. The public won’t find these or access them and Google can’t index those pages.

  2. Leave them unprotected, but disable sitemap indexing under the page settings. They’ll be excluded from the sitemap and marked robots noindex. Google won’t index them. As long as you don’t link to them, and no one shares the link, the public won’t find these pages. Of course this isn’t “security” if that matters.


Either of these should work, thank you so much!