Prevent Certain Pages from Being Published? (Hide/Disable Page)

Is there a way to hide/disable a page without deleting it entirely?

i.e. I want to publish my website, but a few pages aren’t ready or are more experimental in nature. Is there a way I can disable these pages from being published so they won’t be indexed by search engines or built into my site map?



In Webflow, no, not yet, this topic has been discussed and as I recall, Webflow people said they’ll think about it. The code you need to put on pages for them not to be crawled by engines has to be put in the header, which in webflow would impact all pages. So I don’t know a solution for you right now.

Thank you for replying. I hope others help raise this feature request to prominence!


You have 10 pages (10 html) but you only want to publish 9 pages, simple… don´t link to page 10.

A normal user only see the 9 pages in the site, but if you want to show the hidden page to a client, just send him the url

Vote for this feature because MENU could automatically react to visible/ hidden pages so that there would be no need to manually remove the pages from menus.

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Also, realized that even if the pages are not linked, they do get published and search engines do find their content and may display that - go some lore ipsum there :smile: (not preferred option). On the other hand, it is handy to have them as “raw material” for building the site while it has been already published.

+1 for this feature request: unpublish or hide a page would be great!
I would like to keep a page that I have to periodically reactivate.
The trick now is to use the library and put there the blocks of the page you need to unpublish.

Maybe the password protected page feature request could have the same effect of hiding a page, but is far more complex.


Please webflow for the love of features…this is so basic of one :frowning:


Totally agree!! I need this feature ASAP!

I was designing a blog for my site last month and google started indexing and showing my test posts and templates everywhere. Even worst, the blog is now included in the sitelinks results! :frowning:
I now have to delete all my work to get it unpublished because it already started getting traffic.

Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Even with all the SEO basics in the code my pages are still being indexed. What a MESS.

Hi @gabriella and @bsqeffects, thanks for your comments.

At the moment per page control of indexing options is not yet available, but it is possible to prevent search engines from indexing certain pages on the site using a custom domain, using the Robots.txt commands on the SEO tab of site settings.

See more about those commands here:

One suggestion I would have, is to keep the subdomain set to have the indexing of the subdomain turned off in the SEO tab of site settings:

When updates are made, publish changes to the staging version of the site on the domain and when ready.

See more about publishing to different target domains here:

I hope this helps!

Hi @cyberdave Originally I had the robots.txt with disallow. Webmasters showed only one page of the two in there were actually not coming up in search. I know this is not within your control but I still need the pages hidden regardless. I changed over to meta name=“robots” content=“noindex, nofollow” / after reading an article suggesting that is the better way so Google can first read the page then not follow it because you can confuse Google’s crawler (can’t find the article). Would it be better to revert back to robots.txt until then? I’ve just had to continuously submit it to temporary hide section in webmasters every three weeks because we cant risk the page being available.

Webflow version of the site is already set to no index. “When updates are made, publish changes to the staging version of the site on the domain and when ready.” Will do this thanks.

Was just about to add this feature request as well.

It would be great if a user could hide/not publish on a page level as well as folder level.