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How can I delete file webflow.js?

Does the customer to know that I use webflow

Hehe, if you delete that file probably your whole world is going to crash on you.
If you want white label options, see;

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You can rename it - as long as you reference the new name in the html file.

A recent update from a few days ago is suppose to name the css and js files after the project.

Try this

Dashboard -> (open) Project Settings -> Hosting -> Publishing Options -> Hide Webflow Branding from HTML

This will also removes the “Made in Webflow” comment at the top of the file.

Notice it specifically says “from HTML”. It still easy (for someone in the know) to figure out what tool you used.

Also - It seems the term “White Label” has been slowly and quietly removed from the Webflow site.

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I think that’s because they’ve moved White Labeling to the CMS options, and give the option to remove Webflow references separate from that depending on your membership tier.

Try googling white label