Code Export does not rename webflow.css file to site name

i did the code export, and i turned off the [Display Webflow branding in HTML].
==> Webflow branding | Webflow University
==> based on this info. the [code export] should rename the webflow.css file to the sitename.css filename
==> it does not rename the files. (the files are still webflow.css)

Here is my site Read-Only:
Webflow - WebsiteExample-InteriorDesign)

Rename the webflow.css file?
That’s not “branding” in that it’s not readily visible to the end user.

You can easily rename it yourself if you want.

If you’re trying to go so far as to completely remove any evidence of Webflow from your end code, make sure to also rename webflow.js, and check your HTML source for publisher-generated comments, etc.

Note that even though you’ve exported, there are still parts of the Webflow platform in your project- webflow.js for e.g. interactions, dropdown toggles, etc is a good example.

your branding page, says these are renamed when exported.

Hey that’s interesting, thanks for sharing that.
I don’t think I’ve ever noticed that behavior in my export experiments, so I’m wondering if those docs are out of date.

Definitely worth dropping a line to support so Webflow knows there’s a bug either in the export or in their docs.