How can I create dynamic forms that look like this:

And then after they create the form, how can I show them curated options from the CMS (according to what their responses were on the form)?

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Hello @Florence_Kwok

So you want to create multi step forms? You can start here >

Here >

Explore the basics and you will be ready.

Piter :webflow_heart:

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Hi Florence,
I’ve been using ConvertCalculator multi steps forms. They are super customizable and embeddable on your Webflow website. Highly recommend that App! Hope it helps you.

Hey @Florence_Kwok, just to add to the links that @PiterDimitrov has already listed; a fellow community member (@AlexIglesias) has made a fantastic multi-step form with conditional logic. And it’s cloneable too!


Thank you very much man!

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If your coding skills are not great (mine are terrible) I suggest using a external form builder like Calquo that lets you embed the form into a simple HTML embed field.
They support multi-step forms and it’s working very well with their free tier.