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Help! Multi-step Form Issue

Hello! designers.
Hope that you guys are doing great. I want to make a multi-step form in Webflow like this:
The Real Question I have about this is:
How can I select one of the options and just go to the next step of the form and without any next button?
I am looking forward to your helpful replies guys!
Have a great day!

Hey Ali,

One idea here would be to setup a multi-step form using either the tabs or slider component as there are a few cloneable projects out there for, then visually hide the next button and use a little custom jQuery to click the next button when a user clicks either button option within the step as in your example link above.

Here is an example of jQuery to accomplish the “click this to click that” functionality:

$('.trigger').on('click', function(evt) {
    setTimeout(function() {
        $('.recipient').triggerHandler('click'); //element js will click
    }, 500); //ms of time before action

Remember to place code like the above between the tags and within the "Before " section of the page’s custom code settings.

Here are some examples of cloneable multi-step forms as well:

I hope this helps!