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How do I create procedural forms in Webflow

I want to create a form in which the first question determines the next form to be shown to my potential clients.

For example,

the first form says,

  • What services are you looking for today
    • Web Design, Mobile application development or marketing
      The client’s response would trigger a new form pertaining to the service being requested

Use or with conditional logic

@RoseWebStudio When you say conditional Logic, is that something i could configure nativley on webflow ? or do I have to code that in manually? and if i use typeforms, can i style it in webflow ?

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Hey @Ifeanyi_Onubogu

You can’t do the logic natively in Webflow. Typeform has the tools to do this while creating the form.

Not sure about the styles because you are using their product. You can change colors for example.

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