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How can I create this? Multi-step-form

hi, I need to create a calc forms with 8 steps like this.

But with a calc at last step.

Can I make this withwebflow ? or a third part app ?


Very general Q. You should know Javascript for any calc based on form data.
Also calc is very general term (What kind of calucation).

YES. Any solution or custom code you find out there (Codepen/jfiddle) you can embed on webflow (Add custom code before body/head or as embed html).

Some steps form examples:

** No way to create “Steps” by webflow UI (By some button “add step”).

It’s a cross product. I don’t know the code.

Ok. Keep the calc to the end. For very complex calc you should hire JS freelancer (Upwork/Fivver/Webflow experts). For simple sum of A+B use google / stackoverflow or this forum.

But first solve the idea of the steps.

I need this type of calc

hi i duplcate a form the multi-step-form I copy/past the code but when I copy/past the form it don’t work ?

No way to give your working “copy-paste” code of the calc by the forum.
The idea of the forum is to answer specific Q (This is a mission). Sorry.

duplicate a form & custom code (before body/head). Add read-only link + the reference project.

this is the link , it’s on a “simulateur” page

Find many multi step forms