How can i copy a section from one page to another?

Need help copying a section thats perfect from one page to a different one

Copy - paste works exactly like any other place.
Right click on the section - copy
Left click where you want to paste it.

The only thing is that you can’t copy more than 1 item at once

Still doesn’t allow me to paste :

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You can not paste a Section within a Section.
Divs can go one inside another.
Sections, Containers and Link blocks can not be one inside another.

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To reiterate what @Eli11 said - paste your section into your body not inside another question


A lot of times I copy/paste my sections like that into the tree view body and then move it via dragging where I want it. Always seems to work that way.

Dear all, this functionality seems to be turned off since a month now, anyone got news on when it will be back again? If you copy a section on one page and want to paste it in the other it says:

To enable copy and pasting between projects (yay!) we unfortunately had to remove the context menu past functionality (aww). We hope yo bring it back in the near future.

Does anyone know about how long the near future is? I cannot imagine copy and paste between projects to be more important then to copy and paste between different pages in the same project.

Am I missing something?

This question has been open for 6 months now, does anybody have a suggestion on how to get around this? Why can I not copy a section from a template I bought and copy it into another page in my project?

I’ve had a problem with copy/paste for a few months now. Specifically if I copy a div with a parent class and paste it into another page that has an element with the same parent class. It ends up pasting a repeat of the div that’s already on the page.
For example: I have a div called “.employee-bio” and all of the elements inside that div are unique with an employee’s photo, text, email link, etc. I copy the parent div and try to paste it on another page that also has a div with class “.employee-bio”. It doesn’t paste the original one I copied. It pastes a repeat of the existing one. Very strange.
My workaround is to put everything I’m copying into a new div (with no class assigned) copy that and paste it into the desired page. Then take it out of the new div.


@NoCodeBeginner it’s not clear exactly what you’re clicking, but the error message you listed above is for the context menu. Just use the keyboard CTRL+C, CTRL+V ( or command, on Mac ) and you should be fine.

Copy/paste has never been “turned off”, just the ability to do it via the context menu.

Same problem… still haven’t found a fix for this. I get duplicated content instead of the content I copied (CMD+C, CMD+V) from the previous page.

Make sure you have the unclassed DIV selected when you copy. Basically it seems in order to circumvent the bug the clipboard data needs to have no class on the outermost element.

If that’s still not working message support because they really need to fix this bug anyway. The more people reporting it the better.

I solved it by creating a symbol and copying the symbol instead of the section/div. It worked for me, but it’s still a bug.