Copy Paste errors

I’ve been getting an intermittent error recently when I try to copy and paste things from one page in a project to another. As an example, I tried to copy and paste a div (and its contents) with the class “Margin” from page A to page B, but when I paste it on page B, it copy and pasted the first item on page B with that same class name. So I tried a different item - I selected the parent section of the item I wanted from page A, did CTRL-c, went back to page B and hit CTRL-v, and it pasted the first section from page B. I never selected the first Margin or section on page B, so there should be no way for it to copy the item.

I removed any extensions I had loaded and the error persisted. This seriously hampers my workflow as so many projects have very similar items where it is advantageous to copy and paste items and swap out the content. Yes, a symbol should work, but I don’t need a symbol as the item is not going to be used that many times, or with all the same design elements.

Which browser and version are you using?

Chrome, Version 106.0.5249.119 (Official Build) (64-bit)

If it happens again, I’ll try to get a screen recording of it.

I just had it happen again, but then when I turned on Loom, of course it worked properly. However, this means this is still a problem. For context, today it both failed and worked properly with the Finsweet browser extension enabled.

This has happened to me as well.

@PixelGeek Any update on this issue? This error is cropping up more and more for me.

This continues to be a major issue for me, albeit an intermittent one. Here’s a recording of it:
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