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Copy page elements &/or sections

Is there a way to copy page elements &/or sections from one to another?

I would like to know of too.

ALT + let’s you drag and clone a section, a div, any element and all their content

You can only copy within one project. That means that if you have eg.

Project 1

  • page1
  • page2
Project 2
  • page1
  • page2

You can only copy within one project. Use cmd+c and cmd+v (ctrl+c, ctrl+v on windows). You cannot copy from one project to another.

Hmm, that’s not working for me. For example, say I want to copy a footer section from the home page to another page within the project.

Select the footer section, press CMD C (or ctrl c on windows), go to another subpage, click on body and press CMD V (or ctrl v on windows). It has to work. I do it all the time.

Got it … I was missing the part about clicking on the body. Thanks for your help!

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