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Moving sections between different pages within the same website

Hi all! I have a question regarding a webflow template that I bought. The template is divided in 6 different home page layouts. Problem is I like the top of home page v.1 but wants some of the sections from home page v.2. Is there an easy way to move sections between different pages? Is it even possible?

Any suggestions?

Hi @webbor

It should be as easy as right clicking on the element - select copy

Go to other page - select paste or paste-inside…

Let us know if that works :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello, I’m trying to copy a div element from one page to another page of a same project, I can righ-click on the element and select ‘Copy’, but on the destination page, when I right-click on the body or a div element, the ‘Paste’ entry is grayed out. Can you please confirm how to copy elements between pages? Thanks

Hi @WebflowUser

Try cmd+c and cmd+v (or ctrl on windows) as that should work…

(that is also currently the way to do it via cross-site copy/paste)

Or…if it’s an element you will use a lot, you could make it a ‘symbol’ - then any edits to the symbol will show on all the places it is used.

Hope that helps

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Hi @StuM, indeed CTRL+C / CTRL+V works fine! Thanks!

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Hi, StuM.
I copy pasted the same section from one page to another, but the interactions I made within the previous page didn’t copy to the new page, do you have any solutions besides redo every interaction steps all over again? thank you