Copy and paste bug between pages

I do not understand why copying and pasting is having a strange issue. For some reason when I copy a section or element from one page and paste it to another, it inherits the content from the page I’ve pasted on.

Meaning it will duplicate content if there’s something with the same name. Sorry if I didn’t explain this very well, I have a 60 second loom video to explain:

Here is a loom of my issue: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

Yep it’s a huge annoyance.
Message support so that they can add your vote as a priority to fix this bug. It’s crazy frustrating.

Meanwhile, the best solution I’ve found is to wrap your element in an unclassed DIV, and then copy the DIV. That seems to dodge the bug in many situations.

Oh my GOD you’re a LIFE SAVER.

This has been such an annoyance recently and has greatly delayed my work. This is huge thanks!

Yes Webflow is a useless program. Any help to fix this problem would be awesome. Changes also do not come into effect unless changing between screen sizes or refresh screen. Frustrating because I think something else is wrong with it and then the whole design is stuffed when I make another change. Better off learning how to code I think. Would be a lot easier.

How can this not work? It doesn’t work when I attempt to copy an unclassed div. Pretty crazy that my only option is to recreate the nested div structure by eyeballing a screenshot of the page structure as an IMAGE because you can’t even have the designer open in two separate browsers. UGH.