How can I change submit button?

Quick Q&A (hopefully)
I need to change submit button to other button? I searching everywhere but don’t have solution.
Does anyone know how to resolve it?
Sorry for my bad English.
This is my customize button when hover and not hover

Here is my site Read-Only:

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first convert that “link block 23” to div block after that add form submit button into it which is “div block 23” make it absolutely and make it full which is right side and give z index value to “2”
I have shared screenshot please go through it

I hope this will help you

Hi, thanks for you help but its not working, idk why but i cant view your screenshot. This is my screenshot i did with follow your way.

Please have a look image which I sent you

Remove background color of form submit button and also remove text of submit button

Thank you very much, i just forgot to respone you :frowning: sorry for later

It’s okay always ready to help :blush: