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Can't remove submit text in the button

Hi everyone

I use the webflow form element, and I turn submit button to png, so I remove the “submit” text on the setting, but they keep coming right back. How can I permanently remove the submit text?

Here’s ready and only link:
When I edit won’t show, but the preview mode and download the code will show the "submit " text, I check the code that part, is <input type=‘submit’ …> don’t have text too.
Thank you so much!


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With the button element selected, go to settings tab on the right side of the screen. In the form settings section you can change the text of the button…

I tried did not work. any other solution please? Thank you.

14 PM

Several options I can think of: put in a space as button text, make the text the same colour as the background, hide the text with custom css code

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Thank you so much! Finally got it.

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