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Submit button use image

Hi everyone

I use the webflow form element, and I turn submit button to png, so I remove the “submit” text on the setting, but they keep coming right back. How can I permanently remove the submit text?
I try to select the button element, go the setting delete submit text, it won’t show in my designer tools, but when I preview and publish it when coming right back. please help! I delete that “submit” probably more than 50 times now. still can’t find the solution.
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Thank you so much!


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Hi @Madebymt, at the moment the submit button for forms needs to have some placeholder text and if none is provided then the default “Submit” is populated to the button.

The button is a part of a scripted widget, so while it is possible to add a background image to the button style, it is not possible yet to remove the text from the button.

One custom solution might be to use some custom css/code on the published site to remove the text from the built in form submit button.

See here for one possible custom code solution:

Here are some good resources:

Using custom code in the head and body:

Using custom code in an embed component on the page:

The ability to use just an image for the submit button is a good one for the wishlist:

Thank you cyberdave! I got it! :))

Hi @Madebymt @cyberdave

Another way:

  • Change the submit button typography colour to transparent
  • Add background image


(technically the text is still there, but you can’t see it)


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