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How to change custom button into a ‘input type=submit’

Hey everyone! :wave:

Is there a way to use a custom link for form submits?

I am aware you can style the submit button but would love to keep things consistent and use our custom button for forms as well. :slight_smile:

I played around and looked on the forum but couldn’t find a solution so hopefully someone can help me out.

Have a nice day!

Here is my site Read-Only:

Don’t add a normal button to a form but a ‘Form button’. You can style this then in any way you want.

Hey @HGWeb thanks for the reply!

I am aware that you normally add a ‘form button’.
Thing is that I’d like to reuse our button which is made with multiple divs and interactions.

If I am not mistaken you cannot build upon a form button and add ‘layers/divs’ for advanced styling.
So the question basically is how can we change our custom button into a ‘input type=submit’ ?

Hi @oury_stefan,

Wrap your “Submit Button” with the div block. and set the Height and Wide size into 100%.
you can customize the div block afterward.

Here I show you the example of how to style it

Let me know if it helpful for you

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Thank you for your reply and solution.
I think this could solve the problem! Great thinking.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Thanks for starting this thread. I was just looking for this very solution.

I’m having an issue where the artwork inside the button wrapper is not being “active” so when the mouse rolls over the arrow in the center for example the button isn’t clickable. I styled it exactly as you suggested.

Any ideas?