Submit Button is not working at all

Submit button isn’t working and is acting as a link. How did I resolve this?

Had to get the read link sorry about that.

You need to use the Submit Button element (Fig 1). When you add this element to the canvas, make sure you add the following styles to the element: Button and Secondary (Fig 2).

If needed, use the Navigator image to reposition the Submit Button so that it is placed within the Form Button Wrapper element (Fig 3).

Fig 1:

Fig 2:


Fig 3:

So I believe template was already setup this way. It’s already placed in there as you described. I don’t need this to LINK. Just need the submit button to submit the form correctly.

How do I remove the LINK and just make it submit the form? Thanks for your help with this.

What you need to do has already been explained in the post above.

Right, but as you can the template was already setup (as you explained in the photos) this way and the submit button isn’t submitting any forms to my email.

Your form method is a GET request, did you try a POST request instead?

@bds has given step-by-step instructions- you need to replace your Button element with a Submit Button element. A Button won’t do anything for you here.

It doesn’t matter who made the mistake- perhaps the template designer got confused. You’ll still need to fix that if you want your form to submit.

:laughing: Ahh! I didn’t realize I needed to replace, being it matched what was already in place. Makes sense now! Thank you!! Lol