Additional Subtitles added to collection from template not appearing on page

I am using a template for a health and wellness company I work for that is in desperate need for a better website. I used a fantastic template that was very similar to my own company, so integration has been easy, except for this situation. The template has a CMS collection for services. Each services has the typical about service, what we offer, etc. Then there are a list of “treatments” (see photo). I need to add a lot more of these, and I had. However what I had added does not show up on the actual page for publishing. Any way I can solve this?

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Templates are a good starting point, particularly if you find a well built one that you like. However you’ll nearly always need to do some redesign on the CMS and pages to make the structures work for you.

Here, if a service has multiple treatments, that’s probably best done in another collection, and linked. If you’re unfamiliar with the CMS, make sure to dig into the Webflow U guides first, there are some complexities here on choosing the right data structure pattern to achieve the results you want.

The main questions that will drive your design approach are-

  • How many treatments maximum on a service?
  • Can the same treatment be used on more than one service
  • Do the treatments need to be ordered in a specific way, or can you order by name, or price.
  • Where do you need to list of treatments to appear exactly? Will they just appear on the service page, or could they be inside of a services-bound collection list on a different page?

The answers to these will govern whether you go with a back-reference, a forward multi-ref, or an xref design pattern.

If you’re stuck and need help, you can PM me, and I can send you rates.

these treatments would need to be seen along with the other treatments on the same page. For example, in the photo showing the “Nutrient Boosts,” the first three treatments show up on the nutrient boost page. However, when I add a fourth and fifth treatment (technically just a different type of nutrient boost) they don’t show up. I feel like this should warrant a fairly simple answer that hopefully doesn’t require me constructing an entirely brand new CMS page.

We’ll need your share link to review the setup.
Does your Services template page design have these additional treatments and prices accounted for?

Unfortunately, Webflow lacks a “repeater” function that would automatically display the additional treatments. A work-around is to create a maximum number of treatments you might ever need in the admin area, and then add them on the design side. Then you will use conditional visibility to hide any unused fields.