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How can another WF user make notes directly on or to the side of my site?

Hi @Meowface_Sam simple answer is no.

Know of a site-builder that DOES have this ability? I’m not completely sold on Webflow. When working with a client, I want us to have an ultra-simple way make comments on the side with arrows pointing to stuff.

Hi @Meowface_Sam so then go to site-builder that does it no one is forcing you to use tool that doesn’t fulfil your needs.

I not feeling forced.
The question was, "Know of a site-builder that DOES have this ability?

Hi @Meowface_Sam usually developer build website based on design that was approved with client. You can ask you mentor about how process of website build works from first meeting with client to design approval, build and revisions.

As far as I know there is not website builder that allow to add comments from client, all these customizations based on client needs and requests are done in stages before website will be created. Yes there are revisions but these extra steps to approved design (amount of revisions) are usually based on clients budget.

But like I have said your mentor can explain you in detail any question you have, even if there is any builer with options you asking for.

I use for exactly this. Give it a shot.

Ah yes! Thank you sir. Might you know of any competitors to MarkUp that are comparable? Any other similar tool to investigate?

Yeah here are a a couple I’ve used before. Markup was by far the simplest and easiest for customers to pickup. - Free and supports websites.
UserSnap - Paid and supports websites.
Queue - Paid and supports websites
InVisions - Free but only supports wireframes.

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Original request was for site builders and none of these services fall into this category. All mentioned softwares are tools for team of designers.

As Figma is mentioned by @Meowface_Sam in video as design tool of choice I can only mention that Figma has collaborative notes and comments for long time.


Actually, my original question is NOT about site-builders. Watch it again, Chief, and then you may realize Andrew here has graciously provided me with PRECISELY what I was hoping to discover.

(Why do you care so much anyway? Forum police? Hmm, I think it’s time you stepped outside for the first time all week. Sunshine, deep breaths, and bit of exercise. Ready, set, go! :wink:)

hi @Meowface_Sam You have asked question (3.30 - 3:39) and in request …

and I have give you an answer.

Now back to your last part of your request

  1. I care because I like to help people that facing challenges in WF.
  2. I didn’t get your note about forum Police
  3. If you didn’t find response helpful or do not agree what was written there is no need to move it into personal attacks level.

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I’m a big fan of not adding to my software stack when I don’t have to. My solution is to tell the client to put sticky notes on their screen, indicating issues, and then sending me a picture from their smartphone of the marked up site. They don’t have to learn how to use more software and I save a few bucks! [/sarc]

Actually I share my screen with them and take them on a tour of a build to gather feedback and iterate. They won’t get stuck then on unnecessary issues like color of an object or size of a font.
If you just send them a link you can end up wasting lots of time. If you want to do interactive design with a client use XD or Figma.

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