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Ability to create Designer Notes in the Designer

I wish there was a notepad of sorts where I could leave notes. I’ve got like 4 versions of a page and am needing to make notes on which one does what, what issue I have…

and then I have a second person logging in to make some changes for me…since I’m not a javascript coder and they do more high level stuff…

This is slowly turning into a friction point where I have to leave webflow to accomplish something and this takes time and lends to frustration, anyone else have this need?

-or- even better, have a hack or a tip on how to MacGyver this with either a hidden class ‘ductape’ solution or something my mind can’t think of?


In the page settings, there is ample :wink: space below for SEO keywords for a ‘page.Notes’ section
Heck, even a page feed of notes that multiple people could leave based on if you share the page with a pro account I’m guessing (not there yet ;( but soon )

and then you could have a master feed of all these notes on one page in the dashboard to see what you’ve been working on and maybe even a one off trello board of tasks not done, just me brainstorming the perfect UX

@thesergie :wink:

Here’s my ductape MacGyver hack that I will do in the meantime.


Nice conversation you’re having here :smile:

I was actually thinking in same directions the other day. But more like html comments and css comments.
I like the idea having notes somewhere. Specially in teams when using shared templates for example. Or maybe handing over a site to client.

Hi @LvnLife, this is an excellent idea, and one we will followup on :slight_smile: Cheers, Dave

Agree! This would be great! It’s easier to have all info in one place instead of 6 different Google Doc-documents! :wink:

Why not a extra field some where that will export to a text file a site wide note. And under the keyword field have a another field that exports like a html comment for page notes.

I wonder who that high level javascript ninja is... :>

On the topic – I think this "leave a note" could be an amazing thing. Something like sending someone instead of public link a "review link" on which he/she could point to stuff with a right click and post some comments. Just like a Review toolbar in Microsoft Word :)