How does the Team plan address admin rights/password(s)?

Okay let’s say we have a hypothetical five-person design team. They use Webflow. Cool. They just got on a Team plan. I have several questions about this hypothetical bunch:

  1. Are there different login credentials for each user?

  2. Is there a “master” account of some type?

  3. Does each user have admin (delete/publish) privileges?

  4. Can each team member see and modify any of the sites?
    and finally…

  5. What happens when two or more people try to access the same site? Or is the Team plan more of a transfer between team members before publishing option?

Thank you!

Did you get any joy with this question? I am trying to find an answer to the same question.

I’m part of a team account, so I might be able to answer some of these.

  1. We each have our own account with our own login.
  2. I think that one of our accounts is the ‘owner’ of the team who can add/remove team members.
  3. Yes.
  4. Yes.
  5. If I enter the designer for a website that another team member is using, there is a little pop-up alert that notifies me that if I wish to proceed, they’ll be booted.

Basically, we all have this shared dashboard and we can all freely edit any or all of the sites in that team. My account also has my own little dash of my own private sites associated with only my account.


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