Help connecting my custom domain!

How long does it usually take to connect a custom domain? I have added the 2 A names and the cname. Going on 21 hours now. GoDaddy says its not on their end. Webflow’s dashboard says connected. This is frustrating, been stuck at this point for almost a day now. See pics below.




Hi @20G

From experience it can take 24-48hrs but usually much quicker.

This is looking good at the moment:

Have you re-published the site a few times, and refreshed/cleared cache on the devices you are trying to access it on?

Thanks for responding so fast, I thought everyone would be out for the weekend. Doing more research, I guess I have to wait a little longer. It will be 24hrs around 4pm Central time. I’ll just keep working on the webflow domain until it syncs up.

Oh and yes, I republished and cleared cache. Nothing yet.

Hi @20G,

Set the www domain as the default domain by clicking on the Home icon in the custom domains section of the hosting tab in Project settings:

After that, republish the site.

I hope this helps, let me know if any can help further.



Thanks! It actually worked! This whole time I had the domain name without www set as the default. Lesson learned, from now on I will always set the www as the default.

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