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Hosting Blogger blog on a subdomain on Webflow (Blog question)

I’m trying to host a blog that I’ve created on the Blogger. I’m having trouble connecting the dots between Webflow, Blogger, and Hover(my domain registrar). I’m not particularly web savvy, so maybe I’m missing a connection here.

This is what I have done:

  • Registered at domain registrar
  • Created my main website at through webflow and connected to domain registrar
  • Created blog at
  • Attempted to redirect in blogspot settings to a 3rd party URL subdomain. According to the setup instructions on blogger, I should be seeing two CNAMEs appear, but I don’t see them. Otherwise I would be able to add them on my domain registrar
  • Created a subdomain on webflow for

Any idea why I don’t see the two CNAMEs on blogger? Any help is appreciated. Really slamming my head on the wall trying to get a blog up. If there’s any other way to setup a dynamic blog for webflow I’m all ears.

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Hi @alan, I checked on your Webflow site, and for the site, there is no custom domain setup in Webflow yet.

Check out the following documentation on Custom domains:

Once you add the following domains to Webflow, it should work, provided your DNS settings has been updated according to our instructions in the Custom Domain Setup help page.

Can you try that, and if you still have issues with your custom domain, or if you need further information, let us know, and we are happy to help you get this working.


Hey Dave! Thanks for responding so quick. Love this community. I have setup a custom domain. If you go directly to it should load the website I designed in webflow. Here’s a screen cap:

I’m moreso having trouble on the blogger side. Per the instructions of Blogger, I should be getting an error when trying to redirect to that prompts me to enter two CNAMEs into my domain registrar, but I don’t get the error… it just saves!

Hi @alan thanks for the update, have you already added the cname records to your domain registrar? Now, what you want to do, is go to your dns settings provider, and add the following CNAME records:

CNAME #1: should point to should point to

One note about using, is that when you point this at webflow, you will need to embed your blogger blog into your webflow page. If you want visitors who type in to be directed directly to your blog that is hosted on Blogger, so that the blogger hosted page loads, not the Webflow hosted page, then you should point the CNAME record for to point to the server or hostname that Blogger gives you in their settings instruction. In that case where blog is going to redirect to the actual blog on blogger, then you can remove this sub-domain from your Custom Domains settings in Webflow. Let me know if you have any questions on that.

May I ask, who is your domain registrar? Google has an extensive list of domain registrars, and how to change CNAME records:

I hope that information gives you a next step or direction to take. It looks like you have the setup in Webflow perfect now.


You described it perfectly, I want visitors who type in to be directed directly to the blog that is hosted on Blogger. I use Hover as my domain registrar.

The problem I’m having is that on Blogger, when I go through their setting instructions (shown in my 2nd message above), I can go through steps 1-3, but step 4 simply doesn’t happen. Instead, it saves with no error. Does this have anything to do with Webflow’s interaction with my domain registrar, or is this an issue I should be taking up with Google?

I’ve also deleted the custom sub-domain on webflow.

Hi @alan, who did you get the domain from ?

We got our domain on!

Hi @alan, thanks for your update, this thread is quite long, and I missed that… well here is the instructions for Hover for CNAME updates:

For blogger, you will need a CNAME record created at HOVER with this CNAME record:

CNAME #1: should point to

After you make this CNAME record that points to, then you go into blogger and setup the custom domain and try to save, and that is when you should get the error, and then you follow the rest of the instructions and create a second CNAME record for blogger:

“Next, you need a second security CNAME record. When you try to register your domain in the Blogger UI, the system should fail and display two security tokens. You will need to create a second CNAME record to associate the short token (example: hqzzzn56a3ri) to the long token (example: Keep in mind that changes to DNS records make take up to 48 hours to take effect.”

Can you check that next and then after thos changes are done, let us know the status, and we can look at next step, once we have these out of the way. Cheers, Dave

Hey Dave,

So I’ve been trying to follow the instructions you follow, but I don’t get an error.

Instead, when I create the 3rd party url on Blogger, it will just save with no error, or get stuck. Then, when I go to, I get a WEBFLOW 404 page. Any ideas as to if these are related?

Was this ever resolved as I am about to undertake something similar - link my webflow created site (hosted on Go Daddy) to blogger?

Hi @alan, does not look like you got a response, I apologize for that. @UrMarkGetSetGo, regarding the original question, that was a specific issue for that provider. If you want to point to some other service than Webflow, then you set that domain as a CNAME record, pointing to the external blogging service url.

Here is a link to Go Daddy’s instructions:

I hope this helps, if not, let me know. We do not support external services, but if you use the instructions above, you should be able to get that domain pointed at your externally hosted blog.

Cheers, Dave