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How do I link to a separate webflow site/template


Brand new to Webflow, and I have zero code knowledge. I purchased the Oliver template for my site which was categorized as a “CMS” template. Now that I’m using the template I don’t see any pages or sections that would work for a blog. I’ve learned that I can’t copy elements from say a blog template and paste them into my Oliver template. I’ve decided to start building a separate site with a blog template and link to it from the original site. Here’s my issue… I have no idea how to maintain domain consistency.

Example: Site 1 sits on the original domain. Let’s call it “”. I’d prefer that the new blog site be located at “” or “”. Is it possible to pull that off? In my nav bar on “” I’d want a link called “Blog” and that would click through to the other site “”. From a UX perspective, you wouldn’t know it wasn’t a continuous site.

In my settings page on the new blog site, I’ve tried adding “” but when I hit “check status” it says I have to update the DNS settings.

Any thoughts on what I’m doing wrong?

Thanks in advance!

If you want to do a subdomain, you’d have to set that up in your DNS settings of your domain registrar. You then have 2 options. You can point to a page on your site directly such as, or you can create a completely different site and link directly to that. Keep in mind though that with the second option, you will have to pay for custom domains on both of your sites, which can get expensive if they both have CMS functionality. Feel free to email and they might be able to help you out in switching your purchase to a different template that has the features you want. No promises, but it’s worth a shot, they are usually really great about customer support!

Thanks! I’m going with the option of 2 separate sites for now and will see how that works. I’d like all of the pages to appear to spawn from the original site, but I don’t know if that’s possible. For now, I’m good.

Thanks again