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Hosting and Custom Domain Help

I have searched through all the topics regarding this and it seems like everyone’s issue is slightly different.

I have my domain booked at ipower and I have purchased my hosting package at webflow. I believe I have the a records correct since works fine. I setup my cname alias last night to but still doesn’t work. I’m not sure if I need to wait longer or if I did something wrong.

Thank you

A record for WWW is overriding the CNAME record, which points elsewhere other than Webflow.

Did you set the CNAME record directly in the domain name registrar’s control panel, as well as remove all A records for WWW subdomain?

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Hi @SpecularDesign, if you are still having issues with the custom dns entries, feel free to send an email to for help with those custom dns entries.

I show that for, the A Records are setup ok:

For the, the cname record for “www” to point at is not found from public DNS lookup:

I would check the dns settings again for the www record (although it does seem to be correct, but regardless, it is not found from DNS lookup, so there is an issue there to look at, why the dns propagation for that cname record is not working).

One thing to check, is that the default nameservers that the domain is using, are the default nameservers provided by the domain name service provider. Sometimes if there are multiple nameservers provided by different providers, conflicts can occur.

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Thank you @samliew and @cyberdave. After Sam’s message I went back to my domain registrar and pushed them to escalate this issue to higher level tech support.

I found the same thing at viewdns but have triple checked my entries and contacted their tech support numerous times. I was told it takes time to change. I believed them for a while.

As for the nameservers, they are the default ones, but there is some question since this is a resold account managed within a reseller account through iPower and they use accountsupport as nameservers, which may be wrong.

Don’t ever use iPower for anything. I have been with them for 15 years and am slowing trying to get everyone away and over to Google.

Thank you for your support. If they don’t get it fixed, I will send an email to Webflow for additional guidance.

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