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Host Landing Page In Webflow Whilst Host Web App in Own Server

Hello Im not sure if i can clearly explain this but,

We have a Landing Page, and we want to host it in Webflow so that we can publish any changes and updates if we want to. But our Landing page have a signin/signup that points to our WebApp that is hosted in our own server.

Can we host the landing page in Webflow whilst we host webapp in our own server?


Hey @lestergonzales,

I guess you could achieve that by embedding your signin/signup page using the Embed element. You can either create an <iframe> or add the script to your app.

<script type="text/javascript">app_id="youAppId";distribution_key="yourDistributionKey";api_domain="";</script>

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

I’m not sure how to do things on your app’s side, but you might not need an "app_id="" neither a distribution_key="". Just pointing the URL pointing to the script might do.

Hope that’s helpful. Let us know how it goes and happy coding!

If you can host your landing page and app on different domains then that is by far the easiest way. So have for the landing page and as the app. Then your button in Webflow just needs to point to your app URL.

I had that in mind, but our developer wants everything in one place, no subdomain. The problem is we cant keep up with changes, thats why we want to edit everything in webflow at the same time it is also hosted in our server.

Not sure I follow what you mean here?

Is there a reason in particular that your developer insists on this? Having separate domains actually makes his life simpler compared to the alternatives.

Another way you can set it up is like this:

  1. Webflow site is published.

  2. This publish triggers a webhook (you can configure this in site settings).

  3. The webhook hits your server and triggers a process where the Webflow site is cloned, then deployed along side your app.

Yet another way of solving this is to render your app into a div on your Webflow site. I’ve done this with React before.

Again, the most straight forward is to use multiple domains.

Ok I will try those suggestions. Thanks!

Sorry to bother, if i host “” in webflow will can be use without any conflict with the domain? l mean i host the other for landing page design and we host the app in our server without conflict

Yes that will be fine, your DNS records for will point to webflow, and your DNS records for will point to your app’s server.

Ok, but our developer bring up to me something like these:

  1. How do you plan to control HA with webflow?
  2. What is performance cap?
  3. What is DDO’s security?
  4. Webflow not ready for production due you do not have a control.

First of all, I think that your developer should do his own research into how Webflow works. From these questions it is clear that he hasn’t done so much as a Google search…

This is a community forum where Webflow enthusiasts help others with their problems for free, so for specific questions I would contact Webflow directly. However I will answer as best I can.

Does he mean high availability? The site you build with Webflow is just a bunch of static assets that are served from their CDN. I believe they use Fastly behind the scenes. If that’s not highly available enough then don’t use Webflow for hosting. You can always export your code and host your site anywhere else.

If he means the performance cap of the websites that Webflow creates, then I guess this performance cap would be the same performace cap that Fastly has.

Does he mean DDoS? If so then again this would be whatever Fastly has in place. They document this here.

I don’t understand this statement but I will take a guess that he means version control? If so then he’s correct about that. Webflow has no real version control or branching. There are automatic backups but of course this is not akin to proper git branching. IMO this is a major issue, but I dare say that the majority of Webflow users don’t come from a software background and don’t know what they are missing. I highly doubt Webflow will ever address this.

Webflow is fine if you only use it for its intended purpose - static marketing, brochure type websites. Countless businesses rely on Webflow so I disagree with the statement that it’s not production ready. You just need to be aware of its limitations (which are well documented in this post).

Yes, though I am aware of these things, they just dont understand how webflow works, even though ive already explained it to them. So to avoid any confusions and future errors we decided to host it in our server to avoid any arguments. Thanks for the input I really appreciate it.