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Horizontal scrollbar impossible to delete

Hi! I have tried everything to get rid of the horizontal scrollbar on my website, but its still there. I have no idea why. Can anyone please help me to find out? Have tried to hide every element one after one, but its still there.

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Can you make a screenshot, because I’m not seeing an horizontal scrollbar… also not on your published website?

Sorry, forgot to mention. Its not on the ain page, but on the other (Websider, Grafisk Design and Markedsføring). Here is a live site with horizontal scroll https://bautamedia.webflow.io/nettsider

Go through your EVERY element and change all instances of 100vw to 100%. It is going to be tedious as far as I see :smiley:

PS: nice cursor :wink:

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Paste this in Site Header Code and publish:


Thanks. Will try this

I think this would make a lot of object to be just slightly outside of the body if they are set to use 100vw which is not optimal?