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Webflow Pricing/Features

First of all, I like webflow and what they have done but there’s a few underlying problems I have noticed.

As a developer of large projects in the past, it was always quick and easy to create large websites on WordPress and get these projects spun up in a couple of days with some minor CSS changes.

Today, I try working on a big project (a job site) that required at least 50,000 CMS entries and after purchasing a template and about to do the CSV import… Can’t be done because of yet again another limitation of 10,000 CMS items.

Looking further into it, I have to spend more money on another plan. They state “enterprise” but the business isn’t at that level yet and it will either fail (most likely) or succeed, so calling for an “Enterprise” plan does not make sense.

Every time I try to do anything with webflow I always hit a roadblock somewhere and that’s usually with payment and doesn’t make sense for developers creating large projects to create on this platform. It’s such a shame that everything I see requires more money and even the highest tier plans still have limitations. I love the webflow editor and really wish I could move everything to webflow but the pricing structure is thought out for the many, not the few and that’s why it can’t work for me.

Now I’ve spent $70 on a template, around $50 on hosting and nothing to show for it. That right there is the problem for developers who test and release projects that are on a constant fail cycle.