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Work Around 10,000 CMS Items Limit

Maybe I’m jumping into the deep end with Webflow (also my first topic in the Webflowrum). But while Collection building blocks seem (impressively) straightforward and robust, I will quickly run up against even the Business Plan’s 10,000 items limit. My theatre example:

  • 250 shows
  • 20 performances each (will need to make their way to a calendar)
  • 20 characters each (reference one of 500 artists)

Boom, 10,000+ items. Is there a craftier way for me to get around this? :pleading_face:


P.S. I assume fields replacing Collections would be the first (only?) next step. However, performances, characters, etc. can also exceed fields and references limits (40 and 10?).


@Zeke8990 I will say you are correct. 10,000 recs is nothing. I’ve been working as a developer for many years an 10k is nothing. used to millions of recs. Now I have focused more on the web and WF. You need to build a good dB design and I can’t se how to keep the numbers down except deleting old shows.

Sigh, that is what I’m afraid of. I have been leading the hype train for Webflow on my team, but rough start …

Any update? I´m interested too in a workaround for this issue.

+1 on this. Up to 9700 items and haven’t even started generating user accounts yet via Memberstack



I am using WF as a member site and after the soft launch I am hitting 2K members.

Thinking of horizontally scaling clones of the member section.

Or just have the option to expand the #records.

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I need this more than I need water


That’s not na easy workaround, but the only solution I found is to integrate webflow with external database and stop using collections like a DB. I guess webflow thought, that collections will be rather used as a blogpost DB, or product feed or similar :smiley:

Does anyone know if using Airtable as a database (connected using Zapier) would solve this problem?

@FrancoisCosta - If you did not integrate Webflow’s CMS then it would not be an issue. The count is the count in the CMS, regardless of the source.

+1 on this. Has anyone found viable solutions, say using Airtable and something?


I have a streaming and memberstack profile. I NEED more than 10,000. I literly would pay hundreds every month just for more than 10,000. Please webflow add a “collection plus” billing plan that charges a $100 more for every 10,000 collection items additionaly added to the collection. So if you have 40,000 collection items added I would be charge an additional 400 dollars that month. And you could just set a hard limit on images rather than CMS Items as a whole so you could just saves storge space which is why I understand you do this.


I’ve been told its a limitation of Webflow itself.

"These are hard limits set in place to help preserve performance in the Designer and on the published site. "

And: “Our team is actively working on underlying database capabilities which may offer other solutions like linking to an external database but this is not on the immediate roadmap or anywhere in the near future.”

This was from the Webflow Sales Team in 8/18/2021.

To me, even if the designer suffers and lags, I would pay extra for this and I’d be fine with the performance. I really wish they did this.

I should read title properly :joy: :upside_down_face: :relaxed:

Hehe. Ya it’s the CMS item limit.

@Greg1 I’ve been really interested in the limitations of Webflow’s hosting. It sounds like you’re hitting the limit too- would you mind if I DM’ed you about your experience with it?

Sure. Go for it. I’ll tell you what I know…