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Hinterlands Beard Oil - New website launched today

Hi all,

I have just launched my new website I spent a while designing and building for me new beard oil business.

Hinterlands Beard Oil
Beards + Oil + Nature

Would love your feedback! Thanks


Hey Josh!

Love the photography used throughout the site, very minimal and easy to read.
Great job and good luck to your business!

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Thank you very much! Really appreciate the kinds words! :slight_smile:

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@OvertonGraphics - nice looking site.

One piece of feedback on first glance is that there isn’t much visual different between the products and the reviews below:

I love the product shots, but might visually disinguish the reviews so that they don’t look quite so similar, maybe remove the product image or just go with a different style background…just my two cents.

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This is great feedback. I will def look into making the reviews more clear which bottle they belong to. Thanks Sam!!

Just looking at your beautiful site made my beard grow wild (a little).

Beautiful color palette, everything works so well with your brand identity. Best of luck for your business!

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hahahah, great response! Thanks a lot Chris, appreciated! :slight_smile:

Wow, this is great. Nicely done.

The site is easy to navigate, clear in messaging, and has just the right amount of animations that add to the experience rather than distract from it. The color palette leans masculine without alienating the other half of your visitors (women who are buying the product for their significant others) and the illustrations compliment the brand—without feeling forced—and are very well executed.

As someone who worked with a startup in the beard niche a handful of years ago I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to see this type of brand positioning in a world of “uber-manly” beard oil brands. We mainly sold apparel/headwear and eventually our own beard care products crafted in-house, but the overly-masculine branding always felt like we were turning away business by excluding folks who didn’t fit the mold. Still one of the best jobs I ever had.

Going off of @sam-g’s feedback, I think including some images of your customers would help distinguish the two sections and really speak to the idea of testimonials. I’m not sure if you’re already getting photos, but most are more than happy to provide them if you’re asking. We used to include some marketing collateral in our packages that encouraged tagging us in photos along with a hashtag that we would display on the site.

Keep up the great work, and thanks for the trip down memory lane :v:


Thanks Mike,

That was a great read, really nice to hear from someone who’s worked in this niche before and very happy to see my branding works well for all visitors :slight_smile: As I have had a few sales from partners of bearded folk :blush: Great idea re the card in packaging.

Great idea re customers. will look into that and also into making the differences more clear fo the reviews.

Cheers dude!

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Nicely done! If I could grow facial hair I would buy that oil! Great work!

Hey @OvertonGraphics – site looks great!

I see you have good reviews and you put them pretty up front and center. You may want to consider Monto.io to help with collecting/managing/displaying product reviews – specifically made for webflow.

Strong disclaimer: I’m a cofounder, but seemed like this might be valuable to you. Happy to chat if you ever want to talk Reviews or beards!

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Thanks a lot Mack, I will look into this.