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New Photography Website

Hey Team! Just finished up the new layout for my photography website! I would love some feedback on it.


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Hey Josh, nice website man! It’s quite obvious you are a great photographer and you showcase that well with your rotating portfolio. The pictures and big, bold, and beautiful.

Here are a couple things I noticed from a design standpoint (just my opinion, take them how you will):

  • I think your video is fantastic and shows your passion for what you do well. However, I am not sure that it is the first thing you want potential customers to see in the hero area. A suggestion might be to make the rotating portfolio your main hero section and then have an “About Shed Light” heading with the youtube video in the next section below.
  • You use a lot of drop shadows on your fonts. I think your design could look a little cleaner without the use of drop shadows. Also, they become harder to read on the “info” and “testimonials” page.
  • You have a TON of copy on your site. Your work already speaks for itself, I don’t think you need to have people read so much information about why you are good at what you do. Let your pictures and that video do the talking.
  • Your choice of fonts is nice but I think you should cut it down to 1 or 2.
  • You don’t need a testimonials page if you have the nice rotating testimonials on the home page.
  • There’s too many different text colors. You don’t need all those links describing what you do. Keep it simple and let your work depict what types of photos you do. List them if you like, but don’t need the drop shadow or blue hover.
  • Your banner and call to action “Get to know Shed Light Experience!” is beautiful and I love the inner shadow on the text.
  • Get rid of that light-dark gradient background image that is behind all the text. It makes it really hard to read and your pictures are already awesome so you don’t need that background image.
  • Stick to just a couple colors. I really like your Black-blue-grey thing you have going on. Try to stick to those colors.

Overall man, this is a really nice website and very good job for your first one. Especially with all the transitions and integration. You are off to a great start and I hope you take my constructive criticism as just that - constructive. Your work is excellent and you are obviously a great photographer. I would suggest making that the main focus of what your potential clients have to see. Simplify it a little, get rid of a lot of that unnecessary copy, and let your pictures be worth their 1000 words. :smile:

And thanks for sharing this with us! I love to see what others have done on here and we are all here to help each other become better designers.

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Thanks so much for taking the time to review it so thoroughly! I will definitely run with some of your ideas. :smile:

My pleasure Josh, hit me up if you have any other questions ( Keep up the great work!

In the contact section, the button text “Send my details” is misspelled. Don’t think a double contact-form is needed as well.

I’d also consider to use more spacing and let things breath a bit, especially for sections with text.

Other than that, well done!

Awesome. Thanks for the feedback! (and the spelling correction!)