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New Portfolio Website

Hi All,

I have finished the initial launch of my new website - first site built using webflow - hands down my favourite website builder of all time! I created everything (even the project planner at bottom of site) without a single bit of handwritten code (except font smoothing in the header).

I have a lot of work to do still on this - a proper contact page and deeper pages in portfolios - ie companybook project page will become several pages as is ridiculously long, but I had to get something at least live for now so it does the job.




Congrats. Cool website indeed. Thumbs up :smiley:

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Looks great! You did some cool stuff on the site … got me thinking how you made the interactions : )

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Here’s the public link if you want to have a look at how

Awesome thanks for that! : )

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I was wondering how you did the interaction for your project planer, since I did something on my site ( which is pretty much the same in execution.
But your way is so much more elegant in the settings than mine. I never realized what the height setting in the interactions does : / … using this makes it so much easier.

Ah cool - yes yours opens it up the same as mine did before people on here helped me get the last bit I wanted to work working.

This was to make it that when you open it it scrolls down a bit - and basically i just added in page linking to the button so it scrolled down to the footer upon click - thats what i wanted all along - without that it just opened and people had to scroll down to see the project planner which I didn’t want to happen as is annoying for the user.


Nice looking site Josh! Keep it up!

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Thanks! Much appreciated. Will do : )

One thing I noticed is that the nav in mobile doesn’t work as intended and the contact form seems to disappear on mobile too. Just giving you a heads up. I’d test it on actual touch devices as well to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Yea you’re right … having to scroll down after the area opens is a bit of an unnecessary effort.

Hmmm Thats a shame - i’ve tested it on my iPhone and it works perfectly for me :confused: are you on android? sadly I can’t test for that. Thanks for the heads up tho.

EDIT: Oh and i hid the project planner on iPhones on purpose - just a little bit too much of a headache for me at this point :slight_smile: - thanks

Yep - so in the setting section for the header on your opening areas simply give it a unique ID and it will show up in the list of In Page Links for you to link to - then it will scroll smoothly once opened

@OvertonGraphics congrats! One of the cleaner site designs I’ve seen from a Webflow user in a while!

Is you contact form all built natively with Webflow’s tools?

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Thats very kind - thank you!

Yes it was - took a about 3 hours of tinkering (not including design). Follow the public link higher in this topic and mess around with it to see how I did it.


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@OvertonGraphics ok I’ll have a look into that! Cheers

Nice clean website. I like it a lot. Great job.

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