Hide curren locale

Does anyone knows how to hide the current language? and for some reason the style is not applying to my locale switcher on the other language :confused:

Bit cryptic question. Just set display hide?

Yes the styling can be wonky. What I did is, i used a link-block and within the link-block used a text-block. Hooked those up to the locales. And styled all those, that worked for me, the styling works on all locales. I personally use this all in the navbar element. And the nav bar is a symbol. Maybe this works.

Sorry I dont get what you mean.

I also have the same issue if you set it at display hide it hides both languages. Is it possible to know how you did it?

Best is to use this with a dropdown element if you do it all native in Webflow for now. I build a switcher that way.

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@Punt Thanks, this is what I mean, in the root language “Fin” is good, but in “Eng” is not applying the styles and I get this “contact sales” message…
Screenshot 2023-12-03 at 12.50.39
Screenshot 2023-12-03 at 12.50.47

There seems to be a current and current locale style (class) in the states dropdown. You might look into that. I styled both in the primary language, and they carry over to the other languages.

@Punt yeah, “current” is not working, I guess they are on it since is “beta” for now.

@narvaezcm Current locale? This class is also there, well I could style both languages, from the primary language. bit weird if you can’t? But who knows…

@narvaezcm i have a clonable set-up here. Maybe this helps. Cheers.

language switcher (for Native Webflow Localisation) - Webflow

It is a basic set-up but you can have a look at the styling.