Styling for my locale is not available

So I was dumb enough to first purchase localization and then discover that styling is unavailable for Hebrew locale. I assume this is not the only language.

Does anyone know when would this be applied?


On enterprise plans you can do locale-specific styling.
Otherwise the styling is done at your default locale and applies to all other locales as well.

Yeah it’s super inconvenient to keep switching back to the base locale so that you can adjust a header font size, etc,

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So true! Makes me want to switch providers just because of Webflow trying to squeeze mroe money out of us.

My styling is disappearing when I switch locale :roll_eyes: Is that a bug or how can you fix it?

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I have the same problem, My styling is disappearing when I switch locale in some cases. Does anyone know if this is a bug? @Rasmus Andersen, Did you manage to solve the problem?

I have a problem with text color, paddings, and aligns…

Has anyone had similar problems and how did they find a solution?

It’s unfortunately not a bug… you cannot visually style CSS on Secondary Locales, unless you’re on an expensive Enterprise Plan. The only way to change CSS is via Custom Code Embeds

@GilSolomon Localization is quite challenging with the Webflow Limitations, especially if you have both LTR and RTL languages on one site (f.e. an English-Hebrew website build)

To make it work you need to build Bidirectional Layouts, which I’ve started creating a Tutorial series about. The First Video especially illustrates the challenges you mentioned: